Medical Officer (GP) – Full Time Position -Life link Hospital

Medical Officer (GP) – Full Time Position -Life link Hospital
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Medical Officer (GP) – Full Time Position -Life link Hospital

Reports to:     Clinical Coordinator


Qualification:  MBchB from a recognized institution with a current APL.

Job summary: Responsible for provision of quality, holistic, cost effective and comprehensive management to patients.

Minimum requirements:

  1. At least 1 year working experience.
  2. Willing to work in a busy, highly professional environment.
  3. MUST have exceptional clinical skills, administrative skills and computer knowledge will be an added advantage.


As a medical officer at life link medical centre/hospital, you need to be proactive, problem solving and professional person.

  • To carry out conclusive diagnosis and treatment based on thorough investigations of lab tests, imaging and comprehensive examinations of the patients following life link protocol.
  • To be fully conversant with the clinic/hospital facilities and systems including the corresponding charges/fees.
  • To follow up on all cases ensuring that lab tests, imaging, further consultations etc are made.
  • To provide OPD cover as will be required ensuring that all patients are seen without unnecessary delays .It is important that you regularly check the patients’ card box to ensure that no patients are waiting.
  • To be well versed with the medical equipments and how to use and maintain them.
  • To liaise with specialists for proper management of patients.
  • To liaise with external medical service providers for any information they may have regarding our patients.
  • To instruct or train junior medical staff i.e. nurses on any issues pertaining the management of the patients. e.g. doing triage, patient handling etc.
  • To keep up to date the current medical systems through regular attendances of presentations and regular reading. CMEs sessions will be held at least once a week as will be organized.
  • To review any emergency cases as will be required.
  • To comprehend polices on charges, health schemes and clearly fill out insurance claim forms and ensure that treatment is not made beyond clients’ entitlement.
  • To continually asses the systems in place and or suggest ways of improving them.
  • To provide ward cover as will be required, ensuring comprehensive patient management and providing clear written record of your management to the patients on their files/cards.
  • To prepare comprehensive reports and personally hand over to the next medical officer on shift as will be required.

You are not expected to leave duty unless you have made a proper hand over to the next doctor/clinician officer on duty.

  1. To put in writing all the information obtained from the patients. Including, history, clinical findings and treatment given.
  2. To ensure that patients’ documents are handled in a highly professional and confidential manner. Patients’ records are confidential and are not to be discussed except In the process of managing the patients’ illness.

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